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No luck with Enterprise role without Enterprise experience

Hi all savages,

I have been a Commercial AE for going on 7 years. I've typically been selling to companies ranging from 251 to 1,250 employees. The only year I didn't hit quota was 2020 (and covid can fuck right off). So I've been exceeding quota for 2 different companies during this time span primarily bringing in Net New business. My years have ranged from $383K to $700K as I've moved up in position within my Comm sales org.

Recently I've been looking to spread my wings and give Enterprise sales a try. I'm finding that most recruiters and hiring managers are incredibly concerning about what quotas $$ amounts I've carried in the past. The fact that I have a tract record of exceeding quota pales in comparison to the fact that they just want to know that I had a large quota placed in front of me.

At this point I feel like I would be better off if I had a completely unattainable quota like 2 million and only hit like 20% of it rather that being at 121% of my current quota which is right around $414k.

What advice would you give me in these interviews? Should I just stay where I'm at and try to be promoted to an ENT position from within my current company? How did you Enterprise AE's get your start?

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