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Not hired for bs reason, here is what I believe the real reason was

I interviewed at XYZ for an SDR role for new graduates, with the referral of a successful AE and a number of champions that I got to know leading up to the interview process, and got through the final round expecting an offer.

The recruiter's words (paraphrased): You have the sales experience we look for and the notes say you were a perfect fit for the culture, but your shortcoming was a lack in SaaS sales.

For a new graduate role!? I know for a fact one of their recent hires only has "waiter" as previous experience.

The real reason (IMO): During my final interview, the final question was "Would you rather sing a song or tell a joke?"

Not being one to sing, I said tell a joke. Then they asked me to tell one.

My humor is more situational, so being put on the spot, I went blank.

After an awkward 30 seconds, the only one I could remember was this

Guy is shooting pool in the back of a bar, and he goes up to the bartender. He sets a glass down on the bar, and says "I bet 200 bucks, that I could pee in this glass and not spill a single drop" bartender says "no shot, you're on"

Guy proceeds to do his business, and pees all over the bar, all over the stools, all over the customers, and all over the bartender.

When he finishes, the bartender is laughing and clapping, and says "Great job! Now you owe me 200 bucks!"

Guy says, "That's okay. I just bet the boys in the back $5k that I could pee all over you and your bar, and you would be happy about it"

Now given prep this would certainly not be my go to, but on the spot I had nothing. Because the given reason seemed like bull, I assume this was the reason for not extending an offer

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