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I have seen many people go back and forth about if they should or shouldn't date co-workers? What are your thoughts?

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I personally wouldn't date or get involved with someone I work with. The whole "don't shit where you eat" mantra comes into play here. Work is complicated and stressful enough without introducing a romantic relationship into it. 

Subordinates dating managers is a no no for obvious reasons, but I don't care if my co-workers date each other, it's just not my thing.

If you really want to date someone at work, keep it professional in the office. People shouldn't be able to tell you're romantically (or sexually, for that matter) involved. If you happen to break up, people shouldn't be able to know that either. If you don't think you'd be able to work with an ex and remain civil, don't start dating a co worker.
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Well, two coworkers just got married over the weekend, while I've seen two others get fired for messing around because they weren't nearly as coy. If you act like responsible adults, then it shouldn't be a problem.
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Deepak Chopra of Sales
The whole vibe around this has changed over the past 5 years. Once upon a time, it was super commonplace. 

Then Zenefits imploded and the whole sales hookup culture was thrown into the limelight. Then we had the Me Too movement, which rightfully (and thankfully!) shown the light on the inequity that women face in the workplace, especially when it comes to bosses hitting on them, etc.

But the new normal is: people are much more cautious than ever. The conditions that led to a lot of office hookups (getting smashed at a HH, people partying late night, trips together, etc.) are under scrutiny. 

I think office romance is irreversibly headed toward being canceled. 
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I agree @sahil which is interesting because I remember seeing a stat showcasing the workplace as one of the most prominent places where relationships materialize so I do wonder how this is going to continue to evolve.
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Sahil has summed this up very well. I'd put it this way: Is it worth risking your career for the situation? Because if you're wrong and approach somebody, even in a respectful way, you could be done.

@CadenceCombat - I even saw a stat a few years ago that said workplace relationships that led to marriage were the longest lasting. So maybe we just have a future where people are interested and nobody does anything?
well if you are responsible about it I don't see a problem especially if it's not making anyone feel uncomfortable the problem in our company we have two developers who are married which is kinda weird and the manager was complaining about them both asking to take time off in the same time because they are married which results in huge delays in delivering projects because you got two resources that are no longer available to you.
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