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📣 Official: End of Q2 LFG 📣

This week is a stressful week:

Some of you are at quota already, and I salute you. Some of you are likely gonna get there soon, and I wish you the best. Others have a 50/50 shot, and I'm hoping the coin flips your way. Others yet are in need of a Hail Mary ... and my arms are up in prayer. Finally, a few of you are out of the game and looking forward to a lot of beverages on Wednesday night to numb the pain. I've been there, I feel you.

But regardless of which camp you're in this week, there's 3 things I want you to remember:

  1. Fight til the end - If you're at 140% of quota, get to 150%. If you're at 88%, do everything in your power to get to 101%. If you're at 33%, at least break 50%. Never ever stop selling. Why? Because inertia is a powerful force. I can't tell you how many reps I've seen push through closing week, make some magic happen... and then run away with incredible results through to next quarter. On the other hand, if you say "let me just get through this week, then I'll come back after the 4th"... momentum is AGAINST you. Inertia is a powerful force, use it to your advantage.
  2. Upsells are a seller's best friend - If you need some dollars quick, it's hard to get them from someone who has never bought from you before. It's easy to come off as pushy. But if someone has already been a client (even at a previous company!), you have a relationship. I can't tell you how many times I called up the CMO of Gibson Guitars, the CFO of Prudential Financial, the VP of PR at Virgin America, etc etc. and said "here's the deal: Our team is $15K short of hitting an all time high. If we hit it, we all get Thursday off. If I put together a really compelling offer, will you be willing to take a look?" You'd be surprised how often the answer is: "Sure Sahil, whatchu got?" Now the game is afoot.
  3. Head held high - Last but not least... remember you play a performance sport. No one else at your company has any idea how stressful and impossible your job is. I've run product, marketing, operations, and an entire company... nothing compares to being in sales. It is hard. You are a warrior. Sometimes it won't happen. It doesn't mean you're a failure. It means you play a tough sport, and sometimes you'll lose. 🤷🏽‍♂️ If every salesperson hit quota every quarter... there'd be a lot more salespeople and it wouldn't be nearly as lucrative. 💸

I still have work to do to hit my quota for this quarter too. I'll be out there grinding with you all. Lfg.

PS - With every deal you close, post that W on the win wire. I wanna see this place lit up like a fucking Christmas tree. Fuck you Q2, we comin' for you.



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up in Fiji, under paddy
We stan an inspiring leader
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We make all sales reps wake up to Eye of the Tiger and wear camo for the entire month of June. We are in full beast mode to close. Agree leveraging relationships and partnerships to get deals in is such a good way to move. Also asking all questions and addressing elephants in the room upfront is much easier than being surprised at the end of the sales cycle. We ask proactively what the purchase process looks like, or to “help us understand what happens after I send you the quotation” knowing where your deal is at is so key. Up front contracts with clients really help keep the deal on track and reduce blood pressure spikes. 😉

and yah. None of my friends understand why I’m always sweating. I’m in sales kids... 😂
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Strategic AE
Usually the time of year I see how extra terrible managers are. 

It's also when they ask you to forecast accurately and then get upset when you don't forecast a lame deal to close that won't. 
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Q2 has been a punk bitch to a lot of us. Last week just made me hungrier. Bring. It. On. 
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Solid pump up speech for the week. Thank you @sahil 
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This is just what I needed to get over the Sunday Scaries. Thanks @sahil 
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Monday Motivation from the GOAT. Let's party.
New Business Account Executive
I'm one of the lucky ones with an odd fiscal so it is not Q2 for me but I am with you all the way, LFG!!!  Loving @sahil's tips they are awesome.  Back when I had existing clients who had already got MSA's that was definitely a fav of mine.   My tips for smashing the end of the Q... 

1.     If you don't have existing clients, look for the deals with the most compelling reason to buy and try to extrapolate it for them. 

  E.g."What signing today could mean for you: o   $3.1m of extra revenue per day through increasing your conversion rate by 3% for 20 extra days through personalised offers.  

- I have calculated this based on 2m page views per day with a current conversion rate of 8% (increasing to 10% through personalised offers as we have with [REFERENCE CUSTOMER] and an average order value of $79 (remaining the same). 

2.     Give them a reason to sign today.  This doesn’t have to be extra discount this could be: 

-  Preferential payment terms. 

-   Access to an Exec at your company 

-   Access to another Customer of yours who has already done what you’re asking them to. 
-  A Press Release – remember many of these decisions are personal too if they can use it as self promotion that’s a great thing. 

-   Nomination for an award if your companies do them – see reasoning above. 

-   A day (or whatever you can) of free consultancy/training, if you have people on the bench. 

3.     Look after yourself.  Sales is tough, you ARE amazing. If you don’t make it pick yourself up and try again the game is't over yet you’re only at the half time show.  Think of all those teams that perform better when coming from behind.  – 

You can do it. 
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Finally done.  140% quarterly goal and help bring the team goal home.  
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Deepak Chopra of Sales
Fuck. Yes.
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Love this @sahil thanks for the pump up on this Sunday night!
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Needed this 🤝😎
Sales Development Representative
So needed this! Love it!
Sales Manager
One of my goons had and amazing quarter. When he closed his last big deal he pushed aside the congratulations and went to go chase a smaller, long shot deal. He's a hero.

It's not a trophy head for the wall, but it's a deal he wants to win.

Another one is still kicking in doors trying to get someone to sign on the line which is dotted.

A last chap has several deals that are all possible. Hell, some are even likely.

Ahead or behind doesn't matter. We fight til the last person standing here. We win and lose together. We pick up the team members who are struggling so that we learn from the success of others.

Anything is possible in this game.
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I don't even have a quota atm (don't tell corp) and this inspired me
Manager, Enterprise Sales
I'd follow you into battle any day @sahil !!!!!!! LFG!!!!!!
Time To 


I'm working hard to get to a 100% so close and just 2 or 3 meetings away! Gotta put that Grrrrrrr Face on!
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Account Executive
I’m a newbie and on a pro-rated quota so I don’t think it’s fair to toot my own horn. With that said I’m wiping the floor with the incumbent sellers. Is it bad I want to step on necks?
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