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Our HR department is offering to pay for leadership training. What should we be asking for?

I work at a small firm and they have agreed to send a small group of us that are at the team lead and/or management level within the sales team to develop our leadership skills. They have also asked us to suggest what types of leadership areas we are looking to develop and are open to suggestions on who/what/how we are trained.

As someone who is newer to the leadership part of the sales function, are there any go-to's, any suggestions on what types training and development we should go for? Potentially good courses we could sign up to?

Would love to hear from people that were maybe thrown into this role. What do you wish you could have had access to when you started?

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I don't have any specific courses that I can recommend, unfortunately. However, I can tell you what I would have loved as a new leader.

You're likely in this position because you can sell, so you probably don't need a sales training course. Instead, I would try to find a good communications course. So much of management is conveying the right message to your employees in the right way. Two leaders delivering the same basic message can do it in vastly different ways and can be interpreted wildly differently.Β 
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Get Salesforce Certified if they'll pay for it.
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Grant Cardon'tΒ 
But ask them about Chris Voss negotiations can be very helpful a lot of people in the community here like it.
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thanks will look into them
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There are a ton of books written by great leaders. Maybe get them to hook you up with audiobooks so you can listen to those as well?
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Did You Feel Prepared To Sell The Product After Going Through Your Companies Training Program?
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