We just switched from Outreach to Salesloft. I honestly don't see any massive difference from the way I used the tool previously. The only thing I would lean towards Outreach for is that you can continue to work in Salesforce because their Chrome plugin is pretty damn good. Salesloft's is a bit weak
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Totally agree- Biggest differentiator is the SFDC integration and Outreach wins that. If you don't use SFDC though, I would argue Salesloft is a bit more robust
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When you say Outreach SFDC integration...what exactly do you mean?ย 

Using SL having it integrate while calling on theย  SFDC "lead" or "contact" is clutch ....instead of clicking on the SFDC link every time in outreach having access to past activities / lost opps / tasks etc....seems to be the same thing......

Found the opposite but legit both are the same... we have a new manager coming in who I think just read "ย the first 90 days" and might switch just to make a switch but all good famalmaย  we gon make those calls one way or anotherย 
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I mean the Chrome extension that comes with Outreach, which brings up a "sidecar" or smaller browsing window next to your main one. When you navigate to contacts/accounts in SFDC the sidecare automatically brings that same info up in Outreach or realizes that it is not yet in Outreach and prompts you to create a new one. Super seamless way to navigate both platforms at once.

But you're right, no matter what you use, you're gon be making those damn calls either way.
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I guess it depends on what you are trying to achieve and with what audience.ย ย 

Outreach is a great tool to get BDR's up to speed and to broadcast messaging.ย  If you are selling into SMB with thousands of logos, it can be good for AE's as well.ย  My problem with outreach is it helps people get to productivity quickly, but it doesn't help them critically think or develop.ย 

- Outreach's value is constrained by the contacts in outreach...if someone isn't filling it with contacts regularly, this limits you.ย 

- Because outreach has so many fancy features, often BDR's are coached to live in outreach....well that's just not where all you buyers are, so this limits you

- Sequences become less effective as you go up market.ย  Need to tailor your approach and really individualize every email.ย 

- we often found that a bunch of opportunities that go close lost over and over with the same company always have the same contacts on them....maybe that contact is why we couldn't win the deal.ย  So go find new contacts and Outreach's setup and how Managers typically coach to use it often don't encourage this behavior as organically.ย 

- Outreach is more of a broadcast tool and it requires you to often "live in outreach" ....AE's already live in salesforce and their prospecting database, so in my personal experience, its just adding another place they need to do it can create noise and actually slow people down.ย 

This all sounds like I am blasting outreach.ย  It really is an amazing company and technology, but you have to be aware of the downstream behavioral patterns the amazing tech focused on certain features can create.ย  If you proactively coach around those, then you really have a solid solution.ย ย 

Salesloft - haven't used it for 6 years so I am not qualified to speak to it.ย  At the time I had it, I enjoyed it.ย 

Groove feels like it has a lot of the advantages of outreach but its native to salesforce so you aren't asking your reps to live in another system. It also feels more catered towards a in the life of an AE rather than a BDR.ย ย 
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Iโ€™ve purchased for Salesloft for multiple sales teams and I always go through an Outreach demo just to make sure Iโ€™m not missing anything. ย 

Salesloft is also not nearly as aggressive when selling and my experience is that Salesloft cares more about your success than being a unicorn.ย 

However, Sam Nelson from Outreach is a great resource for everything SDR!ย 
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I said SalesLoft but honestly, I'm happy with either one.
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Do you like butter or margarin? I am a long time SalesLoft supporter and believer. But I think you need the tool that your team is most comfortable with.ย 

Salesloft or Outreach?

Salesloft v Outreach
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Outreach or SalesLoft..??

Whats a better tool for AE's?
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Outreach or SalesLoft

Outreach or Salesloft for an entire Sales Org not just SDRs
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