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Personalization vs. Relevance

Hi {{first_name}}, most teams struggle with outbound - especially getting the messaging right. We specialize in the whole outbound gambit. We love the tech sector, and I'm impressed by the work you've done at {{company}}. I'd love to talk to you, let's connect!

This incredibly personalized but irrelevant msg was found today on my LinkedIn mailbox.

Now, If you're a time traveler mainly interested in science - you'll be surprised that today is when NASA released the full video of Perseverance's landing on Mars. Fashion time traveler? then prepare to be amazed by today's announcement - the New York fashion week is showcasing all the upcoming shows virtually. Not a big fan of silk huh? how about the "green pass", which identifies those vaccinated that start applying today all over Europe?

I believe you noticed something. Not gonna lie, that made us feel special the first time (remember we are time travelers). Fun fact - the first email blast was sent in 1978, the sender was Gary T. His email was sent to 400 recipients as a promotion for his company’s computers, and it resulted in $13 million in sales. Consequently, this email is also considered the first spam message (gross).

Today, being personalized is not enough. Make sure you deposit before withdrawing!

People love to be loved and that involves:

▸ Making the right research

▸ Showcasing value

▸ Helping people see benefits 

Become an enabler of your prospect's success by showing how relevant you can be for their business.

What did they miss? Is there any market change putting friction on their business? What happened yesterday, one week and one month ago to their main competition? Next time you're reaching out this "ideal prospect", remember to consider all these deposits with the R-word in the horizon - Relevance!

Have a great day - thanks for reading.

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