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Savages, some posts regarding LinkedIn caught my attention including one comment from Mr.Potter looking for a job opportunity. I'm a big LinkedIn fan when it comes to looking for a job opp - so here's a quick guide to pimp your profile.

Feeling lazy? Save the link for later - I've been implementing this guide for friends and consultancy and really pays off.

(a.) - Check if you already have an account or sign up for a new one: LinkedIn is a personal network that encourages the creation of only one profile per person. Having more than one profile can result in a suspension or worse, and we don't want to risk losing our time and effort. If necessary, merge your accounts (personal and business) by following this article.

(b.) - Upload a clear and professional profile picture: Selfies or even your Facebook picture may not be appropriate here. Think about the prospects you're trying to connect with, it may be better to wear a smart, professional, and good-looking outfit. Something that brings out the best of you! Make sure you are well-groomed and ask a friend who has a phone with a portrait camera mode to take you a picture. Find a place with a nice background around the office and avoid sunglasses and other distracting accessories. Check this link for more tips and find out how good is your LinkedIn profile picture with snappr by clicking here

(c.) - Upload a background photo: It's one of the main highlights of your profile, use it to stand out. A good banner should have some branding and a tagline/slogan. If you’re going to be an SDR, SDA, or AE at any company, start by using a nice image.

(d.) - Update your profile headline: It's a one-liner that should tell people who you are and what you do, think of it as your personal mission statement. This article can guide you to write one.

(e.) - Write an enticing summary (About): I don't want to sound like a broken record but this is not your digital resume. Personally, I'm a fan of telling your visitors what you can help them with and why you're the best to help with that, so the simplest format I recommend sounds like "I help [Buyer Persona] achieve [Outcomes of the solutions I promote] thanks to [Work/industry experience]". A buyer-centric profile will build trust and credibility. Here is another video with a slightly different but equally efficient approach.

(f.) - Complete your background information: This is a great way to give your profile credibility. Try to update as many fields/sections as possible because the weaker the profile the higher the chances it's just SPAM.

• Work experience

• Education

• Location

• Licenses & Certifications

• Volunteer experience

• Skills

• Accomplishments.

Recommendations: This is a rare practice but asking people you work or have worked with for recommendations is like adding testimonials to your profile! They are very powerful and here you can learn how to ask for one the right way. Make sure to return the favor... and pay it forward ;)

(g.) - Enrich with media: This article explains why adding media to your profile is a good idea (more credibility, help you appear more on search results), it also walks you through the right steps on how to do it. Our Content Library can help you find relevant marketing assets to upload but make sure to also check here the videos we have produced at CloudTask to help promote a common thread of leadership and expertise. Remember you can also add media to your work experience

(h.) - Remove distractions: The "people also viewed" section on the right side of your profile is an easy way for visitors to get distracted by checking out your lookalikes and forget about you. Follow this article to help them stay focused.

You can find these and more great tips on the link above - make sure you keep your profile updated and appealing - Happy hunting Savages.

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