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Pipeline Meeting, what's the best you've seen?

I know you've seen it all. What's the best Pipeline Meeting format you've experienced, and why?

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You mean the internal pipeline meetings where sales leadership and marketing argue about why pipeline is so low and then decide to jointly blame the account team every time? Those meetings?

If I am being totally honest, I have never found pipeline meetings to be usefull, and have never had a deal come out of one.ย 

I would love to hear some suggestions though on ways people have made them successful.ย 
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Ah, BigMeech, thank you for the clarifying question. I would love to hear about different ways that folks have seen pipeline meetings be effective. In our case, Pipeline is a meeting with Sales and our leadership team to touch base on what's in the pipeline and at what stage. I feel like we could be using the meeting more effectively / proactively though not sure what we *should* be doing.
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Oooohh. Okay, we do that on our forecast calls. What stage is stuff at, and how do we move it forward.ย 

What we refer to as "pipeline calls" are what I referred to above, which is how to SOURCE more pipeline.

For calls on progressing existing pipeline, we have a pretty solid framework we fill out:
1) where are we at
2) what are next steps
3) what still needs to be done (MAP, MSA, POC, etc)
4) what the asks for leadership are (do we need an intro to prospect leadership, etc).ย 

Those are typically handled in 1:1s rather than large group settings.ย 
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Pipeline review sessions or pipeline sessions with marketing. For pipeline review, we bring up the pipeline and reps go through their different stages where things sit and their forecast. Havenโ€™t been a part of the marketing ones but the former usually go pretty well
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