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Poll experience with imposter syndrome

Been in sales for a long time and have had some success. I always end up in great positions but I don’t feel like I deserved them despite having the best performance or a resume that looks like I should have the role. I always do well but I can’t help this weird feeling all the time.

Does anyone else feel imposter syndrome? Feel free to share your experience or how you dealt with it.

Do you feel imposter syndrome?
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Territory Manager
I don’t have imposter’s syndrome because you have to be successful at something in order to have it.
WR Officer
Business Development Team Lead
Ask yourself if it's something you’re truly passionate about or if sales is something you're doing to get a set number of $ so you can pursue another passion
Senior Director, Enterprise Technology
Self doubt is good and healthy as long as it’s not crippling to you or your role. People put you in the position you’re in because you earned it. You’re getting feedback and improving and owning the role. Grow into it and have the confidence.Β 
Big Shot
Regional Sales Director
Nope, not yet. Reason has been this : never doubted myself much. Trusted and been able to recover and work up quick.Β 
WR Officer
Senior Account Executive
Whenever that shit starts I stop and ask myself, "Who told you that?"Β 

It helps me get a hold of myself and reset my brain so to speak.Β 

You are a SAVAGE. Never forget it πŸ”₯
Account Executive
For a bit when i switched into SaaS from Med Devices.

Phenomenal structure to this new org though made that disappear right quick.
Notorious Answer
Padre de Tequila, General of the Coors Knights
I dealt with his bad at times, and still do. I have to remind myself of the facts of the situation. I was hired onto this role for a reason, because the people in charge feel that I am more than qualified enough to succeed in this role. I've been given the tools to succeed and the help to fall back on. At the end of the day, it's not up to me about whether I deserve this role or not, but the people in charge who went through hundreds of candidates to settle on me. There's a reason for that, so continue to do what got you to that point and continue to challenge the negative belief's.
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