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Power Outage

The power is out at my place and I have been wondering what am I going to do when tomorrow comes and the power is still out. We are still working from home so no one is at the office.

When your power goes out what do you do if you can't go into the office?

I could go to a cafe or a shared workplace, but I will be making lots of cold calls tomorrow. So those will probably be a no go. And since I use Outreach for all my calls, will I just have to buy a power converter, go to my car and spend the day making calls from there with my phone as a hot spot?

I've never been in this situation before, and the power has been out for almost 4 hours now and they have not sent a crew out to investigate yet. That's why I am wondering what I will be doing tomorrow if the power is still not on.

What do you do?

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