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Preparing for my first BDR interview

Hello War Room, before you say how did this guy get in here give me a shot. I have my first BDR interview for a company called Firmex. They are a due diligence files organizer software company. Any sales legends want to share they first few interview experiences when they were first getting their feet wet in the industry? Appreciate your input.

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Always Be Closing. So close them. "Based on everything we talked about today, does it sound like we could move forward with the process?"
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Ask all your questions. Being able to ask good questions straight up is something that any hiring manager would look for.ย 
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1. This goes for the interview and the BDR job, don't ask a question you could have easily Googled

2. You want to ask about any reasons they have to hesitate on hiring you (ex. lack of sales experience) BUT you want to do that with time left in the interview to pivot and CLOSE strong.ย 

You can turn this into a leading question. Ex. In another interview they had a lot of questions about my lack of experience, is that something you'd like to get into during this interview? (Of course you'll have a well prepared responses to this, which is why you made it a leading question)

The goal here is to try and get them to bring up their concerns now, while you're in the room and able to respond to them, and not after when you're walking to the elevator (or closing your laptop).ย 

Just be sure you leave plenty of time to pivot back from this to hit your strong points, things they seemed to like, and a call back to something you talked about earlier in the convo. An opinion question is great for this such as "In your opinion, what do the new BDRs that ramp up the fastest do differently?" Gets them thinking about you being successful like the good ones and shows motivation.

Relax, take some deep breaths before and during the interview, be open if there are areas you don't know much about, and show a desire to learn and push yourself.ย 
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Be confident about answering and apply information that shows you like to learn new skills, you know how to be resourceful, and you are well trained in the field of research.

Don't be underprepared.
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