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Procurement - Closed won or Deal death

I'm currently working a large enterprise deal that we've been working on for several months (12+) and finally we're about to be sent to procurement. Love to hear strategies and success stories on how to handle them once you've gotten your deals here.

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Buy procurement whatever they want.Β 
Account Executive
sendoso. Procurement people love deference. Ask them to educate you on their process. They are 'trained' to recognise sales BS but essentially they have KPIs too, ask them what they are
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100%. I have had the most success when I understand the individual metrics of the procurement agent. Rather than playing games, I go straight for their metrics and ask if I meet them, if we can get it done. Works most of the time.Β 
Enterprise Account Executive
They are process oriented - goes to person A to B to C ..... to X. Asking what the approval process looks like, is it a linear process or can everyone sign once the Req is opened, how many people need to approve?Β 

Does it always work? No but it’s worth a shot to get a better understanding of what they need to do. Either way, procurement stinks.
Deal Story
sketchysales closed a deal for $86k to the Procurement department
A drawn out ordeal, started a couple of years ago, died off and reignited Q4 last year. Finally across the line and this is the start of a bigger deal worth around $160k P/A which will repeat as long ...
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Deal Story
MadamWhiplash closed a deal for $3.5M to the Procurement department
This deal was 2 years in the making and multiple stakeholder changes. This was a global deal to implement new technology and involved extensive testing and service offerings. Finally happy to get it ac...
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Deal Story
AtmosphereBrent closed a deal for $200
This is a 10 location business I have been working for 4 months now. I closed 3 last month and just closed another two today. I built value on the front end and I’m hoping the other 5 will close before...
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