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Question for sales leaders who have recruited and hired people

How much of your time do you spend recruiting/hiring each week, and do you feel that it is too much or too little?

This is something I've struggled to find a good balance for the past few years. I've hired over 25 salespeople in my career, and there are times when I feel like it's almost all that I do, and I'm over-allocating my time to it. Other times when I feel like I don't do it enough and I feel like we're not bringing in talent fast enough.

I know a lot of this depends on how developed your internal TA team is. Huge difference if you're the one filing through resumes and setting up your own phone screens (been there, it really sucks) -- where recruiting becomes a 4 hr/day part of your job during hiring sprints.

I'm at the point now where I'm taking a solid 7-8 interviews / week, and it's taking up a solid 7-8 hours / week, which feels like a lot. But I get that recruiting is important and arguably the most valuable thing company leaders can do.

Where are you at?

How many hours a week do you spend each week on recruiting
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Hiring top talent is the fastest way to improve performance... but you still gotta invest in training and enablement of your existing team.

IMO - most managers only do 1 or the other well
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@sahil - What would you say causes that split? Is there a way to fix it?
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This!! I want to upvote this 50x. The problem with mass hiring is you will have to keep mass hiring if you aren’t pouring time into them after hire. Many times they take the position because they want to work for YOU. Will you be able to lead them? Balancing developing and hiring and recruiting is the juggle.. if you can do that… you win!Β 
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You can definitely spend more time than that. The simple answer is it depends on what you need. Are you growing so fast that you can't keep up or are you just not finding the talent in these 8 interviews a day?
Mistyped -- meant to say 8 interviews/week **now edited**

Our plan has us adding 5 salespeople / month, up from the 2 / month we were at throughout most of last year.Β  We're also anticipating hiring than normal churn once offices start to re-open in the summer.

The ~8 interviews / week has worked thus far, as we've hired 5 people each of the last 2 months.
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That makes sense. So that’s roughly 32 interviews to get 5 people. Not terrible odds I guess but it could be better. Where are you getting your candidates from?
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