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Question - late in the deal, going below not above.

60 day cycle, annual price over 125k, working with the President, Operations director, and IT Director of small firm.

All that's left to do is finalize API creds and agree on implementation / training timeline for signature, with a week layover until the next meeting I decide to reach out to the IT Director to ask after any prep work to be done in advance of that call.

I get two emails this morning in advance of the scheduled 1230 ET call, one to the group saying we are postponing, and the other just to me from the president saying the outreach to IT was not appreciated and although probably harmless "makes him question"

In addition to...

"We're in the middle of two other implementations right now that are not going well, we need to sort those before coming back to this. We'll be in touch shortly for next steps."

Is this deal dead? Am I getting scolded because this guy is feeling the heat? Has anyone else ever gotten shit for going below? I've gotten it going above more times than I can count, but this was truly a new one.

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Curious why the exec would be mad at you for reaching out to someone below him. Usually, it works the other way around... Sounds like some strange political stuff going on.
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my thoughts as well. really odd behavior i haven't encountered before.
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+1 to this thought process!
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That's stupid as hell based on what I can read here. It's a shame when being proactive bites you in the butt. Murphy's law does say no good deed goes unpunished๐Ÿฅฒ
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sure don't, they sure don't.
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Strange scenario for sure. Assuming the IT Director is your champ/most hands on with the tech you could just let the pres know that you felt the question was best suited for him based on previous convos and responsibilities.ย 
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negative. pres is champ (although maybe just a coach now lol) and has been primary contact throughout entire cycle. IT director is a relatively new contact for me. my gut feeling is that the pressure from other projects going poorly at the present and he took something personally that he normally wouldn't have, but idk.
How to deal with we're going to circle back in Q2 or the next Q?
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How did you overcome a DISTASTROUS loss in a deal that was heading to closure but didn't?
Did you come through such a scenario?
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