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Rant time. Clingy client.

ok so I wanted to share this story of back when I was working in recruitment as a BDM and I had a too friendly client because he "liked my work and understanding"

So about 3 years ago, I was working with an international client who specialized in Cyber Security and was part of a bigger billion-dollar company. I bought this client on and this client on an exclusive basis, so they were legally required to fill their role through our company.

3 weeks after bringing them on, I get a call from one of the resourcers/account managers who was directly working with them, they were really frustrated because they wouldn't take anyone to interview despite all of them meeting their requirements, we even included a couple that exceeded just because sometimes they like to go for someone more experienced.

I contacted the client asking them what was happening, put simply, they gave me a lot of waffling, just kept trying to have a "friendly conversation", and after speaking with them a bit they decided to interview the 2 seniors and director-level candidates (they were looking for seniors).

So interviews go along smoothly and I leave it with the resourcer/account manager again. I shouldn't have.

The resourcer emails me again after 2 weeks saying the client wasn't making a decision. So here I go again, I call the client asking what's wrong, again, they give me waffle and the same flirtatious/friendly chat, I discuss things with them again and they move on to the next stage.

this was the 2nd stage of a 5 stage process. Short-list, first interview, second, final, meet the team.

Now, this happened again for the 3rd stage, I was really annoyed now because I wasn't a resourcer or account manager, I wasn't the qualified person who can really help them.

As soon as they picked up that phone, they start their flirtatious talk. They weren't even trying to hide it this time. So, politely but firmly, I make sure to tell them that I'm not the right person to be handling this moving forward and that I've put them in good hands, we needed to follow procedure and hoping they would understand.

Thinking it went smoothly, I left the call feeling good about myself.

I come to work the next day with the director at my desk. Unusual, because he always just shouts across the room if he needed anything.

I ask him what's wrong and he's said that the client has said I refused to work with them????

I was ANNOYED. I explained everything to the director and he understood, but damn him, he's such a money-grubbing **** he told me to work with the client "since they were spending at least 30K"

At this point, I'd had enough of the director so I just smiled and closed the conversation.

After the final stage and the candidate accepting the client decided to drop a "friendly" message asking me what I was doing Friday night...

I could've said no, but I thought Nah, I deserve a nice Friday evening date, so I told him nothing much, what's up? Of course, he asked me out on a date. We went to the Shard and I ordered the most expensive things on there including wine, I don't even drink wine.

I didn't feel bad because he made it out like he always had this stuff and because he annoyed me for 2 months during the contract.

Maybe I'm a petty person but it still annoys me to this day, but it did give me the push to finally leave that dammed company and director.

Does anyone have similar stories?

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