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Rant: Very few SaaS companies actually know how to start an SDR team

In my 5 years in SaaS, I have seen very few sales organizations that actually know how to start an SDR team and then actually run one.

I'm helping a SaaS startup at about $2m ARR who has grown pretty organically fix their SDR organization. Here's the thing: they only have one SDR and they have a sales director. Their other AE's are just all self-sourcing leads and living off of inbounds.

The SDR they hired? From preHIRED with zero experience as an SDR and is selling to a new market segment to sell remotely. The SDR is hungry and teachable, so will probably be okay at some point but they just need so much help. I know that they were trying to pay SDRs like 35/30 for a split. So it's hard to get really good talent that are equipped and fit to open a new market.

On top of that, they don't have Outreach or SalesLoft or anything of the sort. They bought a list and said "go call!" and are wondering why their SDR is making 250+ calls to make an appointment and their show rate is sub 60%.

A good sales development program has training, organization, and active feedback. You can't hire a brand new SDR to do an experienced SDR's job. And you can't pay an experienced SDR 35K as a base salary.

Obviously it's my job to help fix it -- but I don't know how I can just entirely change their system and tell them that their SDR isn't going to hit 25 meetings a month with the system they've set up, and if they want to change their system they've got to be prepared to invest the time and money into it.

Rant over.

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Mission twins! I am also here at my current company to fix the SDR/outbound funnel that was previously ignored by the previous VP of Revenue. The difference is that the CEO understands the value, but since the last VP ignored the problem (you can see why they're a former) the ball was not only dropped--it was lost.
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This is the problem with the old view on Sales Development...Β 

"Just buy a list with phone numbers and make them dial all day, that should work"

No it doesn't...

Happy to see a big shift in thinking where Sales Dev is now seen as a vital part of the sales machine.
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Big call quotas are a boomer boiler room mentality
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Sounds like job security... grab it and create opportunity.
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you'd be surprised how many big companies outsource SDR/BDR teams for at least a few different divisions.Β 
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Ooh go off fam! Seriously is it a full moon or something today?Β 
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I don't think you are alone in your mission. Β Many organizations I've seen are following a playbook (Predictable Revenue) without the structure (Salesforce). Β It's akin to saying "play like the Bulls in the 90s" but you don't have the talent.
Any sales reps work at a link tracking/attribution SaaS company?
Just made the jump from SMB to enterprise SaaS which even I'm still shocked about. What's your advice to someone new to this side of the game?
If you join a SaaS company and thrive at the beginning due to inbound leads and good SDR and then sales start going down due to a change of SDR and less inbounds, does that mean you’re not a competent sales person or does it mean it’s time to move on to another company?