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RealPatrickBateman closed a deal for $139k to the C-Suite department

This is actually a series of smaller deals with a HUGE payout at the end....I'll elaborate.

I am on the Financing/Leasing side of the business (salesfolk, I fund projects for your clients when they don't have cash on hand or want to hold onto it, NOT a pitch), ok now we're on the same page.

So anyways, a small company in NC was in growth mode, they needed to acquire a very specialized set of testing equipment so that their maintenance teams didn't have to pass 1 set from team to team. We leased them a set in June, then another in August and then another in March of this year. Well, turns out, we helped them utilize their cash on hand to grow so rapidly that they just took on $15m in outside investment to continue their growth and capture larger Govt. contracts and reallllly reel in the dough.

So, in the process of investment or acquisition, the company generally needs to clean up their books (payoff outstanding balances, settle debts, buyout leases, etc) so that all assets are wholly owned and all accounts are zero'd out.

Long story long, the company requested a buyout quote for the 3 projects. We sent the buyout amount and without hesitation they signed (because they're rolling in the green right now). So after all was said and done, we took in $139k of PURE GM straight to the arm SHEEEEEEEE

Summary: They love us because we helped them get to this point, and we love them because they have been and will continue to be some of our best clients. Annnnd the money sorta helps too πŸ€‘

Keep crushing sales savages, you never know where these deals will go. Be diligent, be aggressive, and for the love of god... never, EVER stop selling.

Bateman, out.

Deal Story
SDRMANDO closed a deal for $120k to the C-Suite department
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SportSalesPro closed a deal for $103k to the C-Suite department
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Skerp22 closed a deal for $28.4k to the President, C-Suite departments
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