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Recruiters: Useful or Useless?

I’m talking strictly as a prospective employee in this case.

Do you find that most recruiters are approaching you with entry level positions that you’re over qualified for?

is there a diff between in-house vs 3rd party recruiters?

Did you pursue an opportunity based on a recruiter’s outreach that proved fruitful?

What has your experience been like dealing with recruiters?

Do you use recruiters when job hunting?
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Recruiters are not the way to go usually if you are looking to make the next step up. Their job is (generally) to source qualified talent. If you are looking for a lateral move, I've had some pretty cool companies reach out in the past. Update your LinkedIn, detail what value you bring to your company, and you'll see more opportunities come your way.
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Agency Recruiter | Coors Knight
As a recruiter, I agree with this in general. Depends on the type of recruiting; contract vs. perm, agency vs. in-house, industry etc. I would say sales recruiting is fairly lateral, but can definitely get you an in at a company that could otherwise be inaccessible. 

Lots of recruiters are full of shit, as I'm sure you're aware. You have to tread lightly when deciding to work with an agency recruiter as they could ghost at the drop of a hat when a higher billing position comes across their desk. Vet your recruiters, and never accept the first pay package that they present to you. (Occasionally you will run into flat rates when the recruiter doesn't have a say on the pay.)

At the same time, a good recruiter will go to bat for you and sell you hard to the hiring manager with influence that you as an applicant wouldn't have. A good question to ask an agency recruiter would be how many times they've recruited for that company and/or worked with that hiring manager to gauge their level of influence/leverage.

Also, if an agency recruiter does reach out to you for a position that you may not be interested in, but is still in the ballpark, ask if they have other opportunities as most recruiters work on the same types of roles and have plenty in their pocket at one time.
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Yeah, I didn’t mean reaching out to recruiters to get your next opportunity.

I’m referring to the quality of the outreach that recruiters do to try and lure talent (like you and me) into new opportunities.
I've noticed that 3rd recruiters are much more qualified and better for vertical moves. I think they are more incentivised to get "leads" than company recruiters.
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I've had both contact me, but the spam for entry level shizz has been high recently via LinkedIn for me.
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I've never taken a role from a recruiter reaching out. I prefer to rely on my own network and referrals. 
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From another Recruiter - Hear them out, to see if the role makes sense for you to move into, and a reputable company/startup. Ask them questions about Comp plan, etc to see how well they actually know about the role, or if you were just one of 1000 people they hit up about the position. Recruiters are great for getting by gatekeepers, and speaking directly with a hiring manager.
At the end of the day, a recruiter is a salesperson - You are the product (candidate), which they are selling to their client. If they go to bat for you and you are completely not a fit for the position they are recruiting for, it will look bad on them.

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