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Rejected & Accepted in 3 months : THE BEST FEEL!

One of the best feeling as a Sales person was getting accepted after a prior-to-marriage-day rejection from a prospect whose agreement was made, too!

Boss had my neck before the marriage eve🀐!

Got back post vacays and then, BOOM appointments : 2 (one with the decision-making authority & one with realtime user)

The bottom up approach, worked well with value proposition shown against a quarters' billing they had without our tool

And no, price negotiation was never made, infact prospect felt offended while I denied (reasons were logical as the price point given was to make sure service capability was intact!)

Thoughts on which was your best feeling deal, yet?

Best deal was similar?
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How do you all handle a situation where a prospect has a contract approved and is ready for signature, but one of their family members just passed away? Want to be extremely sensitive to the situation...feel there's never a "right" time to reach out and never want to be salesy...
Starting a new job today that is going to be mostly remote. What’s the best way to make a strong first impression?
I was hired at a really good start up about 4 months ago for a SDR role that I was told I wouldn’t be in for very long. They’re gonna go public in the next year, but Zoom Info reached out to me about an Account exec position. Now I’m wondering if I should take the guaranteed route to AE or let my shares vest and get to AE at the place that took me. Usually I wouldn’t consider jumping so quickly, but AE is AE.
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