Sales Director
I'd get feedback from your friends, sellers, and recruiters before paying for a service.ย 
Account Executive
I would say no. Unless you go out of your way to learn how to write a resume while you are still in high school or take a class in college, I don't believe any one is ever really taught how to write a resume. With that said I believe money could be better spent on classes to learn how to write a resume/cv and cover letter, rather than spending money to have someone else do it. While you can most certainly do that and I am not knocking those that do - resume writing at least in my experience has been an invaluable skill not only for myself but for the friends I have helped along the way as well. However, I was lucky to have stumbled into a class in college where the professor was adamant about his students learning how to draft a resume and cover letter. At the time I thought it didn't matter, but writing this today, it was one of the most important courses I took in my college career. So overall my opinion would be to say spend your money on resources to learn how to develop that skill as it will most certainly help in life, but if your situation doesn't permit the time to take advantage of the resources to learn, then most certainly a resume writing service is worth it. I work in the talent acquisition space, and can honestly say if the resume does not look appealing or well written/drafted, it will most likely get tossed out by some jaded hiring manager.ย ย 

Apparently they don't account for the fact that a majority of people looking for work have never been taught how to write a proper resume and with the current economic climate, it really shows, sadly.ย 
Big Shot
Account Executive
Never tried one. I've never depended on resumes as much in the last few years while job hunting. I'd speak with folks in the new vertical I'm focussing on and get feedback, work on the resume if I were you.
Manager, Outbound Sales
In sales? Iโ€™d say no...

You can use some to proof your resumรฉ but in sales or a specialized industry, your resumรฉ writers likely wonโ€™t do any good
Sales operations for SaaS Corp
Yes 100% worth the money invested especially because the trend of using online apps that are only read by AI resume reader bots was killing my self composed resume. I could tell too because I would apply for a job online and get a form rejection either hours later or the next day. Most writing services will write you a resume that can survive the bots and export the right information that will catch a recruiterโ€™s attention on their summary reports. ย  Three main take always from my experience - 1. be prepared before you start the process because itโ€™s normally a set window the writer works on your project. The clock normally starts when they take your money and itโ€™s on you to make sure you get information and edits to them for rewrites. During the discovery phase I created a master document of all my job responsibilities with descriptions of the companies and projects for context so they could consult with me on what aspects they thought would be most appealing to recruiters managers and the AI applications readers. Sometimes itโ€™s hard to remember every responsibility you had at a previous job off the top of your head. So what I did was copied and pasted job descriptions of current job postings for roles I previously had and then would add or remove job responsibilities as an outline in the discovery docs. 2. give them all your work history and make them write you a master resume even if itโ€™s 7 pages long. That way you can make a shorter, customized resume by copying and pasting from the master depending on the job description requirements. ย DO NOT send a 7 page resume to a job. 3. donโ€™t fall for the add ons like a LinkedIn make over or custom cover pages . The cover page is so basic you can do that and itโ€™s going to vary based on the job and organization youโ€™re applying too so basically a rewrite every time anyway . the linkedin rewrite is a scam just use some of the points from your master resume and just tweak them for LinkedIn.ย 

P.s. I am not a Karen, but I will say donโ€™t be afraid to ask to be reassigned to another writer if the one assigned to you isnโ€™t delivering drafts to you on time. The first writer I was working with took 6 of the 7 day contract period to get me a first draft and never responded to my edits. The time period ran out and I never got a final draft. When I reached out to customer service they reassigned my project and the second writer knocked it out of the park.ย 
WR Officer
Master of Disaster
I did this! I did a whole lot of googling about what a resume for the position I wanted was supposed to look like, then a whole lot more googling to change the descriptions in my current resume to better match.ย 

also arranging soft skills and experience relating to the role I want so they are the highlight.ย 

basically I went from a management first sales second career in a completely unrelated field to selling insurance.ย 

ย Whatโ€™s common to both? Strong client relationships, networking, convincing some spoiled asshole to part ways with a fuckton of money while having to clean up the mess their former manager left behind while wearing a smile.ย 

Then work with a recruiter who specializes in your desired field. Get feedback. Redo it 485859 times.ย 

Also helps to find someone who is really successful that desired field and reach out to them for mentorship. Everyone loves to brag about themselves, and maybe they can get you a great opportunity - but tell them upfront that youโ€™re just looking for advice and you want to be where they are one day. I canโ€™t tell you how much this has helped me, and continues to help me every damned day. Those first people I reached out to? Always there to help me in a jam.ย 

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