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Resurrecting a Sale

have any of you guys ever had someone give you the old "we decided to go with shitty company xyz because they are basically free" and you were able to reel it back in?Β 
I know in that conversation you should be able to say "well you told me you needed this and that and that company doesn't offer that" but, when they still want the cheaper option, what did you do that brought them back?Β 
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The fact is the prospect doesn’t value your service enough to pay top dollar for it. There are many reasons this could be the case. I’d encourage you to look inwardly and think about why. In terms of the deal. Was it really down to price? So many times when people say they just chose the cheaper provider, there are myriad other factors at play and that’s just the easiest one that doesn’t hurt anybody’s feelings for them to suggest. If you’ve done a good enough job relationship building with the prospect, you should be able to get them on a very short call under the pretence that you would welcome their feedback. Use that time to get to the heart of the matter and make it clear that they can’t hurt your feelings and encourage them to be brutally honest. Good luck.
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"Listen (prospect name)....I understand the appeal of a cheaper (soft emphasis on cheaper) price tag.Β  Believe me, I do.Β  But that cheaper price tag comes at what cost?"Β  Typically this is where they go back to price difference.Β  "I hear you, but I'm not talking about price.Β  I'm talking about overall value.Β  The reality is that they are a lower price because they don't offer the same value that we have (for xyz reason).Β  So if you're paying, even at a cheaper rate, for something of lower value and quality, it's going to cost you more in effectiveness in the long run". Then outline the ways in which you will either save or make them more money.Β  If that doesn't work, it's probably just a lesson learned.Β  Get em next time, tiger.Β 
If you offer more value than they’re paying and they cannot go anywhere else for a better deal, it’s a sale.Β 

So can you change value, price or make it unique to your company only?
What was your first sale like?
When do you bring up pricing? (Enterprise/MM Sale Cycle)
When do you introduce pricing?
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