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Role Play Interview Questions (Need Guidance)

I have a sales interview next week for a BDR role at a new company and from what I've heard there will be a role play/elevator pitch scenario. Whilst I have done these before it got me thinking;

What are the interviewers ultimately looking for?

What are your usual go-to strategies for pitching an unfamiliar product to the interviewer?

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Account Executive
Treat this interview as a real life sales pitch.Β 

1. Email the "prospect" to set and get them to agree on an agenda.Β 

2. They wont expect you to know the ins and outs but they'll judge you on your process,Β  preparedness and ability to be audible ready. Know a few case studies or customer stories off the back of your hand and weave them into your preso.

3. Reach out to a bdr or team lead there, on linkedin and pick their brain, even ask to run them through your preso and ask for feedback. (this isn't cheating, this is using your resources)

4. Keep the roleplay engaging, ask questions.. if you get stuck you can give yourself an out (its all made up afterall) My go to used to be "john you mentioned in our last meeting that xyz was a challenge, can you help me understand this more, usecase, anecdote.Β Β 

5. Always close for a next step.Β 

6. Send a follow up email to the 'prospect' or all that were sitting in on the roleplay recapping your meeting and next stepsΒ 

7. If they throw you a curve ball question, dont bullshit, confirm what the ask is and say you'll get back to them with an accurate answer.Β 

You;d be surprised how many wont go above and beyond, you're goal here is to help them visualize you doing the role and more importantly stand out from the other candidates.Β 
Manager, Outbound Sales
Good organizations will care less about the actual outcome of the pitch than the process and rationale behind it.

Whether you bomb the pitch or not, as a BDR role, demonstrate sales IQ, self awareness and a willingness to learn.
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