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Running multiple sequences/cadences; does it work?

Hey yall (talking to you other sad sap SDRs out there)

Does anyone have experience running multiple sequences, but one being used for prospects that interact more with your emails and content, where 1 is just more automated?

I know that might not make any sense but the use case here would be that you're selling into a territory that is fairly unaware of your product and service (no clue that it's even a thing); you have reference clients that have an identical use case in a different area (so putting them in a more focused and more personalized sequences) compared to a group where you might not have as strong of a use case but don't want to waste your time talking with individuals who might have no apatite to engage in something like this (more automated sequence, less personalized touch points)

However prospects can be moved up into the more personalized sequence if they have more interactions with emails and seem to be somewhat engaging, but if not they're staying into the more automated sequence.

Has anyone done something like this and seen good results?

thanks in advance

-- a guy whos trying to hit quota

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