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hello fellow savages, I'm seeking some feedback on a new opportunity that came across my desk. Similar/slightly less money, but maybe a sexier brand/industry, maybe better career progression. here's the situation: 

I'm 3 years into my career, currently an enterprise AE 70k base 220k OTE selling SaaS marketing tools in a niche industry with a medium size PE-backed company. I'm coming out of a banner year, ~300% quota attainment.  Compared to my colleagues working similar sized deals, I'm drastically underpaid in my org. 

A mentor reached out a few weeks ago with an opportunity on his team. This role would be focused on driving digital transformation for fortune 100 brands with one of the big name IT MSPs.

I'm coming up on the final stages of the interview process and all signs point towards receiving an offer soon. I'm expecting the offer to be ~$100k base $200k OTE. 

Has anyone here made the jump from selling relatively simple SaaS products to managed services in large enterprise? what was your experience like?

and am I correct in my assumption that this sort of a move creates a more compelling career narrative and also offers valuable experience/exposure? or is there a chance I'm caught up in "the grass is always greener" type of fallacy?

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