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SADNES5 closed a deal for $1.8M to the CEO, Executive Leadership departments

So, TWO ENTIRE YEARS IN THE MAKING, we had a very messy agreement with a current long term customer, looking for some new options. They are providing heaps of local economic recovery during the pandemic, the growth won't slow down, and is forecasted to remain in demand well after the COVID recovery. Signed them for a 5 year deal, recommitting to use my employer as a preferred partnership, and specifically to grow important (to my role) KPIs here.

The deal was actually put in motion in 2019, and then paused as the lawyers argued terms during the first few months of 2020, then it was all hands on deck for their team during COVID ramp up... and then... well, it got nasty between the lawyers regarding the legalese, then seemed to be a dead deal, with one lawyer avoiding the others calls/emails. After not giving up, knowing the deal made sense, FINALLY they have signed for a 5 year deal.

I was successful with this, because I didn't stop at no. I made sure my boomer decision makers were pestered by the next round of their leadership team internally (people being groomed for roles when they decide to retire). The deal made sense, they lock in with better pricing than any of their competition, and there is no cap on growth, so if they decide to expand, increase those KPIs that I am measured on, they won't be penalized during the agreement period.

Deal Story
SADNES5 closed a deal for $250k to the Strategy, Executive Leadership departments
This deal was originally supposed to be signed in the summer of 2020, but with COVID impacting my industry, it had to wait. June 1st I got the agreement signed. With levels of activity set to return ...
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chubbspeterson closed a deal for $12k to the Executive Director department
It took over a year to finally get this person to commit to meeting with me, then once she did, she rescheduled our demo at least 3 times. Almost moved on from it, but once she sat through the demo, th...
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Deal Story
Executioner closed a deal for $115k to the Executive Team department
This deal fell on my lap as a first timer. Previous rep's emails were supposed to be getting monitored and had been neglected. I reached out to this guy when prospecting and he said "I've already appro...
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