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Safety3rd closed a deal for $12k to the Environmental Health and Safety department

Total sales cycle was 18 months back and forth with IT we ultimately beat out a large enterprise competitor. Incident management and workers comp claims information tracking system. Huge upsells incoming!

Deal Story
Opal closed Mount Carmel Health System for $18.5k to the IT department
I was promoted to AE a couple of months ago and this is the first deal I have closed. I took the lead over from someone who left, and it was pretty much closed-lost. I brought them back to the table an...
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Deal Story
ChiDawg closed General Contractor for $167k to the Safety department
This had to be one of the easiest, but still very satisfying, sales of my career. It was a warm intro and on our first call they were already talking about bringing my company onboard. From the first c...
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Deal Story
healthcaresaas closed Behavioral Health Practice for $140k to the CEO department
1 week close, saw the value immediately. Ended up having the initial meeting with both owners/providers and got their buy in pretty quickly, they actually stopped the search after that first call. You...
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