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Sales Haters: Is the tide starting to turn?

First Sahil takes down a world class butthead a few days ago, then I see this pop up in my feed today.

I would love to see this kind of messaging brought forward more often. One of helping others and guiding those who are learning rather than trashing on why sales people suck. Would love to see these kinds of stories from folks on here:

  • Sales leaders: share a story below where you've been pitched by someone, they blew it, and you provided constructive feedback on how they could have improve and the genuinely thanked you for the assist
  • Reps: share you best rejections and why it's being a "no thank you" given properly. Similarly, if a prospect has given you meaningful feedback on how to get better, share that too

If there are enough of these kinds of stories and we get better and vocalizing them LinkedIn and other channels, perhaps we can shift the tide.

I'll go first:

I'd like to thank every prospect ever who have given me a rejection along these lines:

"Thanks for your interest in xyz company. Unfortunately, we have no current needs in this area nor do I see any in the foreseeable future. If that changes I'll be in touch."

They seem to generally grasp the value prop I'm offering, they tell me it's not a priority at this time, they've given me a time table on when that could change, and acknowledge they'll find us if it changes.

Yes, it looks like a canned brush off, but at least I know who not to waste my time with at that organization going forward. I'd rather get 50 of these in a day than chase bullshit that just ain't happening.

What do y'all got?

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Sales Consultant
As a salesperson, homework is key. You need to find out where you fit in a solution to a known (or discovered) problem. No matter how hard you try, you cant give a client milk if he/she is allergic. Gone should be the days of the "Slick" salesman. There is an abundance out there to solve peoples problems, lord knows we have a bunch. Move with speed and learn to say no to your clients. You'll feel better knowing that you are helping rather than selling.

Just my .02
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so rightly said!
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Director of Enterprise Sales
This should be the norm, I feel we're getting closer every day.
WR Officer
As a rep, I very much appreciate when prospects are straight up with me. I hate being ghosted or led on. If you're not interested, tell me and bonus points if you let me know why. If you want me to call again in x months but not before then, tell me that too.ย 

Do not waste my time in feigning interest or booking only to ghost because you're too much of an asshole or lack the backbone to simply say "no thanks." We're all at work here, let's be professionals.ย 
WR Officer
I don't understand all the sales haters. Everything is all about sales. Even charitable foundations/environmentalist have to sellย 
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