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Sales Managers often assist AEs in closing sales (sitting in on demos, providing support in pricing calls etc). What can SDR Managers do to provide similar support?

I've been trying to really think outside the box lately in terms of prospecting. What if an SDR Manager reached out on LinkedIn after a rep failed to connect with a prospect? It could be non-salesy, like "clearly my rep didn't hit the mark here, what feedback can you provide?"

Just spitballing, but would love to hear some thoughts! How do you think SDR Managers could better help in driving new prospects into the funnel?

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Get in the trenches and call - in front of your team during power hours if possible. The energy transfer will pay dividends alone in results, and the icing will be additional meetings set.Β 

Go research who at your company outside the sales dept has an inroad to the right folks at target accounts, then get those intros for your team. It’s a small world, you’ll be surprised how many doors you open this way.

I like your example of following up with folks who’ve said no/are unresponsive insofar as you don’t put the SDR down. The main goal of an SDR Manager really is to keep the energy alive since the gig is such a grind.

Our director also constantly sharpens Outreach sequences with new tactics and messaging (sometimes SDRs don’t have time to do this).

Love that you asked this question.
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I'm a huge fan of cold calling with the team- keeps me fresh too! I really like the idea of using my connections to create warm intros- I'm fairly active on LinkedIn and this could potentially be valuable. Thanks!!!
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If you have a budget, do research on tools that can improve your team's performance.Β 
If you don't have a sales enablement team, be that guy. Provide them news in their industry, go through LinkedIn and find a few trusted sources. Try out what they suggest, analyze the data, implement and standardize when it makes sense.
Also what swerve said is probably the best way to really motivate the reps.
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Thanks- we have a Sales Enablement team, but they are more focused on building programs right now instead of keeping the team informed on industry news. I think I can definitely add that into my day-to-day
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Is this a cold prospect? Repetition with one contact will pay off with patience. If not? Would suggest setting a threshold for number of attempts before it's dead or you take over.Β 

Where do you get your lists from?
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The best skill (imo) an SDR can sharpen in the job is asking prepared and thoughtful questions to figure out the situation on the ground at the prospect. The better the SDR is at discovery, the better they are setting up their AE to have a seamless baton handoff. SDR managers should be developing discovery skills, coaching on how to ask great questions, layer those questions, and capture notes well to tee up the AE for a great engagement.Β Β 
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