Sales Managers: What are the red flags you look for interviewing AE's?

I'm currently in a tough spot (lol aren't we all). Basically I'm five months in at a company that is STRUGGLING... the board set the quota before our CRO was hired and there are two tenured reps who are doing well, but every new hire (including myself) is struggling. Fortunately, I'm at the front seat of the struggle bus, meaning I've closed more than all the other new hires, but the outlook is not good.

I am likely going to need to start looking for a new gig soon and am concerned about what to say regarding this experience. I don't want to be a job hopper (not this soon anyway), but the reality is I'm going to have to explain why I'm looking after six months.

If you were interviewing me, what explanation would be the best to go with? Obviously I'll be honest as I was above but we all know there are some things we make clear and some things we don't...

Would love to hear any other things you listen for during an interview process that make you say "no way" or conversely, what you look for that makes you say "I need this guy/gal on my team ASAP"

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I try really hard to weed out those that arenโ€™t humble.ย 

Humility is such a huge thing in my eyes. If one of my AEs isnโ€™t humble itโ€™s really hard to coach them.ย 

There is a difference between knowing you are good at what you do and thinking you know the only way and are the only one that does it right.ย 

Both AEs and managers need to be humble and willing to make changes where needed and be open to learning from others.ย 
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attitude to learn and grow
communication and skillset to negotiate or navigate meetingsย 

these are evident and clear with situation based questions , especially objections!

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