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Sales Managers: why do you expect reps to be able to “pull in” or “fast track” deals?

Serious question here. I have had some great managers who never did this, but more frequently I’ve had two bosses that do this on a daily basis. Sometimes even several times a day. I think I get it - pressure from the top... the shit always rolls down hill.

But almost all sales managers / directors / VP’s were once a rep and have to know that this just doesn’t work. Buyers have their own timelines and are going to buy when they’re ready... dropping our pants on price or something similar makes us look bad and usually doesn’t work.

So why do managers so often pressure reps for deals? Expect them to be “pulled in” or “closed early”?

Fellow reps, do you experience this too? Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this from both sides.

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For my team, I’m not asking them to fast track deals. I like to game plan with them. 

Many times as we game plan together we come up with solutions to problems or come up with ways to get the deal through the door sooner. 

At least for me, I realize that you can’t really “fast track” a deal but many times there are things that we can come up with (like pricing them differently, coming at it a different angle with solutions to different problems, or running a discount by them) to close the deal sooner rather than later. 

When I was an AE I appreciated my Sales Manager talking through deals with me and providing his feedback because many times we just become complacent and tell ourselves the deal will come through when it comes through. 

A real sales savage can help create urgency. 
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Amazing reminder and thought process
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It’s so easy to become complacent and say “whatever happens happens”. Are we hunters or are we order takers?

Hunters go out and make something happen. 
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because their job is on the line....
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I think it's important to stay in front of the customer.  Change the timeline to a closer date. Remind them how you solve their problem. Keep the communication going so the deal won't fizzle out. 
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Shit moves downward. Their bosses pressure them to find more revenue so they pressure their reps. Then deals get closed at bigger discounts than are needed and are sometimes lost. It's the same reason that you see public companies do dumb shit that help juice the stock price in the short term.
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"Dropping our pants on price" has given me the funniest imagery of a frantic exec desperately trying to get a buyer to buy🤣
Are you truly able to vacation? While having deals in process, emails, etc?
How do you prefer your SEs get involved in deals?
How do you prefer your SE to get involved?
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I had a manager once tell me "You'll need to lose those morals if you want to be successful in sales"