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Hi All,

I hope you all are having a great and successful holiday season.

A month ago I posted on here about a problem with a comp dispute. (still working through it, hoping to have it resolved first week of Jan) I am faced with yet another, separate, challenge with our contracts team who is a part of the same division.

In this scenario there was language around a swap agreement that I wanted double checked as it was a bit more complex that normal. I tapped the appropriate person who handles this for help here. They helped me build the order form and they confirmed the language we put in the order form was correct and would be approved upon the customer's signature. (This entire correspondence is in writing)

Fast forward through a very strenuous customer contract approval process, we finally got the order form signed only to find out that the guidance that I received from the contracts team was incorrect and the order cannot be processed. This means myself and my team won't see ACV credit this month unless I can somehow get the customer to sign yet again. (They already told me they are OOO until Jan 4th) The best part about it is the person who denied the order steered me back to work with the person who provided wrong guidance in the first place.

I am working to see if an exception can be made to keep the deal in month but my ask here is not about this situation, rather how I should go about working with a team that consistently is steering me in the wrong direction.

Does anyone have any tips on how they would approach future scenarios where I am working with them? Do I simply accept the fact that I need to own most of this work myself (searching through endless help articles) because the extended team has consistently let me down? I have raised all of these concerns to my manager and showed them where exactly the misguidance occurred. I will be bringing this up during our 1:1 after the new year.

Curious around how others have navigated similar situations. I do like my job and my company; I have not run into this many issues while working here until the last 90 days. Looking forward to getting back on track for 2022.....

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