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After taking some time off I have decided to join a tech start-up, Series A.

During the time off I was reflecting on what I did well and what I could be doing better at my next role. All 3 years at my previous job I have overachieved as AE/SAE, but I was so chaotic.. i.e. not scheduling time for important tasks (cold calling/outreach), hundreds of unread emails, not finding documents, not updating CRM regularly and forgetting useful info (or pissing off the manny). It makes me wonder what I could have achieved if I was just a little bit more organized/time efficient.

As I am now going to a start-up, where processes are not always there, I would benefit a lot from time management in an already chaotic and fast paced environment.

The company has a product in place that automatically puts all notes from my meetings in the CRM, which is a lifesaver. Besides that I figured I would give the zero inbox method a try and see if that helps organize my day to day.

Before I start with putting time blocks in my calendar I want to ask what your best practices are for a successful week? (i.e. no morning meetings, start day with 10 cold calls, etc.)

Appreciate it and have a great week lads!

(there are probably post of this already, but I can't find them on my phone)

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