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I am looking to implement a cadence management solution and I have done demos on both SL and Outreach as well as some research between both platforms. I am looking to see if I should go with my guy between both of them or if there is another solution I should be looking into. My team currently tracks tasks and everything through SFDC which is fine but we want to start gather more intelligence and analytics.

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I would definitely stay with one of those two, I've used both and haven't felt super strongly one way or another.Β 

Success is all going to come from your rollout strategy/implementation of it into your current systems though.Β 
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@DutchΒ check out if you are ever looking to switch, i switched to them and the team has been super happy. I do not work for them ps, i am a happy customer of theirsΒ 
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Before you jump into sequencing software, please...please...please...ask yourself a couple of key questions.Β 

1) Am I prepared to have my email delivery rate go down.Β  Cause YES its going to happen when you send emails through these platforms.Β  OR and SL will both give you the dog and pony show about this, but trust me, it WILL HAPPEN.Β Β 

2) If automation is one of the goals,Β  ask yourself why you are looking to automate.Β  Every sales leader is wooo'd into these platforms on this vision that they can more rapidly scale their team by automating things like email.Β  Most buyers can sniff out garbage templated sequenced email a mile away.Β 

3) if you are going to look into OR or SL - check out some less well know alternatives.Β  Salesforce has their"high velocity" system, and while it doesn't have all of the bells and whistles, it does the job. Frontspin is a great little up and comer and they really do a great job of being a partner in your success.Β 

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Director Sales and Market Development is a newer player but SFDC native and i used both Oreach and SL and groove is heads above the rest. I replaced Salesloft with groove at my current role and my team is forever grateful. Costs less too, check them out, i know the director of sales over there if you want that killer discount lol
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They're basically the same thing. Pick whichever is cheaper.
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Nice, I will check out as well, thank you!
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SalesLoft has the Conversational Intelligence piece, which is game changer for the AEs. They're both very similar and I have used both. SalesLoft is built more for a salesperson's brain; Outreach is built like engineers think and not as user friendly. Groove was actually built by Googlers when Google wanted to buy SalesLoft but couldn't get it passed by security bc Google doesn't allow Googlers to use Chrome extensions.Β 

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SalesLoft seems to come up often here.
Salesloft or Outreach?
Salesloft v Outreach
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Outreach or SalesLoft..??
Whats a better tool for AE's?
pa av bi
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Outreach or SalesLoft
Outreach or Salesloft for an entire Sales Org not just SDRs
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