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I'm trying to make a career change within SaaS, and ideally want to be somewhere I can exercice my hunger for growth! (To date the companies I've been at are pretty run-of-the-mill). The problem is that companies want to hire people who have already worked somewhere that has gone through exponential growth. It's a catch 22! Any advice?

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Get in where you can, gain your experience in the industry and then make a move to the right spot. Start with an early-stage startup. You'll gain lots of exposure, even as a BDR, and that can be leveraged for a pivot to a role that requires more experience.
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There are a lot of start ups looking for their first or early commercial hire right now.ย 

my advise would be know what youโ€™re getting yourself into if itโ€™s early stage.ย 

Is the product/market fit there?

whatโ€™s the GTM strategy?

whatโ€™s the company structure?

what will your responsibilities be?

my experience at start ups are that you get exposure to a lot of things, which can be great, but itโ€™s can be very chaotic and intense, so you need to be ready.ย 

As I mentioned in a SaaS thread a while back, founders are all the same in terms of jumping on the โ€˜been there done thatโ€™ merry-go-round and it may take a while to get that chance, but if itโ€™s what you want then you need to stick with itย 
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