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Security selling on fear of Breaches/Hacks

Everyday I seem to get a link from a coworker/boss/customer talking about XYZ that was hacked, they all mean well thinking they are trying to help me sell more but does it work?

Seems the sale security industry/marketing have been selling on that "fear" of getting breached for 10+ years. Are prospects as desensitized to this as we are? "Its not if but when" hasn't worked either... We can put a baseline breach number of around $4 million but again I think these prospects have seen that number so many times it doesn't mean anything to them.

How have these tactics been successful for others out there?

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It all boils down to the pain. if you send that message to a director that deep down knows that they don't have their stuff together and your competitor, or someone in the market just had a data breach you might just land in the right spot.ย 

Taking this out of your playbook would take that trigger away. then again, every business has USP's and every outreach has multiple touches.ย 

As long as your touches all outline a different USP and potential trigger one should always land

-- edit : I don't work in security-related sales --
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From my perspective, it's all about if you've been talking to them already. If you're already talking to them and then they get breached, guess who they're calling? If you try to get in after they get breached then you're lumped in with all the other ambulance chasers.

It never hurts to throw out those statistics but that's usually once you've reached the negotiation stage and you're helping your champion craft a business case.
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I try and use stats for emphasis of my points, not as the point by itself.

The idea of security breaches is a big, complex one to put your head around. Trying to find real, personal examples of how companies were impacted can get the same point across and be something that sticks with them.ย 
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