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Seeking guidance: am I in the wrong spot?

I have been in sales about 4 years. 2 as a BDR and 1.5 as an AE. I have always enjoyed the sales process and get really energized when landing new customers (big or small - just closing something is the best feeling).

But I'm starting to get a little burnt out of the same forecast calls, missing numbers, etc and am wondering if I am in the wrong career. Every week we get shit on by our boss because no one is really hitting the company goals (with the exception of two legacy reps). I have traditionally always been a top performer however at my current company I (and about 75% of other reps) are struggling quite a bit. I'm wondering two different things:

Is software / tech sales the path for me? Are there any folks who have transitioned out of the "rat race" that is tech sales and found happiness in a similar but different sales role?

Is this just a shitty company and I should go somewhere else? Do most of the reps at your company hit their number? I can't imagine I'm alone in this scenario.

Thanks in advance.

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I think tech sales is a myth built on the ideas of investors, quick wins and large exits. Β In order to win, one must promise riches to the investors by scaling with sales people who don't know what they are doing most of the time and churning through reps since there is an endless stream of wanna be sales people. Β It's nothing more than a ponzi scheme for the 80-90% of the companies that will never make a profit.

Find a company that does some good, has a good product or service and turns a profit. Β It might not be sexy but it will feel much better.
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Having leadership "shit" on you takes a strain on 99.9% of people. If you are feeling burnt out it could be time to find another position. Based on your post it seems like you enjoy sales and are just getting burnt out from leadership shitting on everyone
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Do you like sales?
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I absolutely love it
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Then you're on the right journey but chose the wrong path. It's incredibly demoralizing to miss by yourself, but crushing when the entire company is missing and you're stuck in the shit week after week.

My suggestion is to open yourself up to new opportunities. Find a company where a majority of reps are at or over the target; settle in there and rebuild your fire.
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AE’s - here’s a very client-centred way to gather information about β€˜WHEN’ a decision needs to be made. Doing it this way will help you shorten sales cycles and build trust. Keep in mind - not every question I ask in this example is a perfect fit for every buyer, but should give you a good place