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Seller Portfolio: Humble-brag your way to a higher close rate

How often does a prospective buyer slide into your DMs to buy your product after checking out your Linkedin? Lol. I know...pigs will fly, hell will freeze over, marketing will actually do something and I’ll stop hitting the snooze button 8 times in the morning before that happens.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Enter stage left: The Seller Portfolio.

We’re giving you the gift of a virtual, shiny museum glass case to display your glowing customer testimonials, stellar sales stats, and hard-earned awards. Yes, you read that right. We’re giving you the tools (and go-ahead) to humble-brag until the end of time. 

Build your Seller Portfolio to showcase your sales expertise, connect with customers, sales leaders, and be discovered as one of the top sales professionals in the world.

You’re welcome.

P.S. Would it be a War Room launch without some sick schwag? We partnered with our pals over at The Daily Sales to give away 300 mugs to the first 300 people who create their Seller Portfolio. Better act fast!

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Hell yeah. 

What can I use my Seller Portfolio for?
Show your Seller Portfolio to prospective customers to instantly increase your credibility. Build out this public page to improve your personal brand SEO.

Who can see my Seller Portfolio?
Your Seller Portfolio is searchable on search engines if you set it to be public. That means prospects can see what you’re all about and contact you directly on your portfolio.

Is this linked to my War Room identity?
No, your Seller Portfolio is not linked with your War Room, so nobody can discover your real identity. Think of your Seller Portfolio as a separate tool Bravado built for you outside of the War Room.

Can I change my Seller Portfolio visibility?
Yes. Your Seller Portfolio is public by default, but you can always set the full page to be private if you don’t wish to be discovered. 
You can also change the visibility of individual sections (e.g., Clients, Work History, Awards, etc.) to further customize your portfolio.

Can I still share my Seller Portfolio?
Yes, you can share your customized Seller Portfolio link directly. You can also add it to your email signature, LinkedIn featured page, or even your resume. 

Do my deals from my Performance Index / Win Wire show up here?
Yes! Your previously-added deals on the P.I. and Win Wire automatically show up as hidden on your Seller Portfolio, as we understand the sensitivity with privacy. 
You can unhide / hide individual deals in the “Client” section on your Seller Portfolio. The clients you add on your Seller Portfolio will get exported to your P.I. as well in the next version.

How do Testimonials work?
Nothing works better than your customers’ words at showing what it’s like to work with you. Request a testimonial from a customer either by sending your request link on your Seller Portfolio or sending them a request email via Bravado.
Without registering on Bravado, your customer goes through a simple process to write a testimonial for you.
After both you and Bravado have approved and verified the testimonial, you can publish it on your Seller Portfolio for prospects or employers to see!
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Knew you all were a bunch of robots. It's the only way you can possibly put out products this fast ⚡
Um... big yes to this.
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Swag is cool and all, but are you only giving it to SaaS peeps like last time - regardless of of order? 
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Compliance nerds are the WORST.
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This is so awesome, what an amazing addition this platform. So gonna use this shit
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Very cool, thanks for creating this!
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what is a typical rate for outbound sales?
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