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Shit’s been hitting the fan, and salespeople are paying the price.

Companies that have been mismanaged and/or are getting hit extra hard by the twists of this market are now laying off thousands of top-performing sales reps.

We’re saying hellllll no to sitting back and watching this happen to our fam. 

So here’s how it’s gonna go down. 

If you or a buddy got laid off, sign up here - we’ll match you with great companies still hiring through the downturn. You can also write a testimonial for someone who was laid off - it'll go right on their job app for employers to see.

If your company is still hiring, sign up here to start recruiting on Bravado. We won’t charge you a penny to hire any sales pro that was affected by this wave of layoffs until June 15.

Help us help you help a friend and help you….we’ll send you and your friend $1k EACH if the person you refer lands a job through Bravado.

Time to show ‘em what we’re really made of. #StandWithSales Sales Layoffs The economic downturn has caused thousands of sales reps to lose their jobs despite being above quota. Bravado is partnering with top employers to help those affected by layoffs find new sales jobs.
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AE’s - those with the highest close-rates & deal sizes are consistently the ones who talk ‘price’ at the right time.
Nooo don’t miss quota you’re so sexy aha