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Should I leave the office after a work happy hour?

Probably not a totally relevant question yet, but as folks go back to the office I am curious to hear how you all would tackle this.

Back when I was in SMB sales at a large tech company, the local office would put on weekly happy hours that the sales team was encouraged to attend. Regardless of the weekday and timing of the happy hour, our manager expected us to go back upstairs and continue dialing (I once went back up at 4pm on a Friday).

On one such occasion, I went back up to hit the phones and on the first call I got someone on the line. Because of my increased BAC I initially fumbled while introing the call. The prospect hungup.

I quickly packed up my shit and left for the day since calling anyone else was clearly off the table.

Has anyone else been in a situation like this? How would you tackle it?

If yes, what's the worst call you made or email you sent after attending a happy hour?

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That seems like poor management. On our team if we have an event or something involving drinking, the expectation is that we do NOT work the rest of the day to avoid making potential embarrassing customer facing actions.Β 

The only time I have ever seen drunk dialing work in someones favor was 4 years ago, an SDR at the time showed up at 5am still hammered from the night before, went on a dial spree and set 5 meetings back to back to back with C-levels at his targets. He then packed up his stuff and went home around 6:30am.Β 
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Go home after the work happy hour. Go home after the work happy hour. Go home after the work happy hour.
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Asking reps to get back on the phones after drinking is just stupid, on your manager's part. Some people can handle a drink or two and still stay sharp on a call, but most cannot. Plus, the whole point of happy hour is to end the day with some relaxation/fun.

If I was expected to make calls after attending a happy hour I would just stay in the office and not drink at all.
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I haven’t been in a similar situation, but I’d put myself in the prospect’s shoes here: would /I/ like to get a call from someone slightly inebriated/downright drunk trying to sell me something? Nope, and if I did, any chance of me wanting to have a professional relationship with that person would to down the drain. This can actually be harmful to your reputation.
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not sure why they would expect you to keep dialing after a happy hour. That's pretty odd
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I've not been in a situation like that. We've had a few drinks in the office, but never tried to get actual work done in those situations
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I'd skip the happy hour if you want to keep dialing
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Who in their right minds schedules a happy hour with plans to go back to work afterwards? Not only does that negate the entire purpose, but it's also irresponsible and potentially dangerous.
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Either don't head down until you've hit your numbers for the day, or don't go back up and risk acting a fool on the phone.
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Yeah that's just not cool on the manager, the point of those happy hours are to wind down, it's not a lunch break.Β 

I can't see how another hour or two of dialing is going to make or break the entire week based on a happy hour.
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