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SMB/MM AE --> Enterprise AE Transition?

Hello fellow savages!

As I approach 2 years as an SMB/MM AE I'm realizing the only Ent AE roles at my company are in a different city and I have no desire to move. While I know the consensus is the SDR-->AE jump is best done at the same company, does that ring true for the SMB/MM AE --> Ent AE jump?

Put another way, if I can get a pay bump at a new company in my city for their SMB/MM AE role, is that shooting myself in the foot?

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Tough to make the jump as companies are usually very picky on enterprise AEs but everyone defines enterprise different so you may be a great fit with the SMB/MM role
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If you make a lateral move as an SMB AM to another company as an SMB AM you can definitely put in work at the new company and get into an enterprise role in your home city. And like you said, you might even get a pay bump by doing the lateral move. I don't think it's shooting yourself in the foot if you plan on staying at the new company for a while. But if you land at the new company and decide to jump to a different company within a couple years then it IS shooting yourself in the foot. Moves like that make it look like you can't hit plan and keep getting booted for poor performance (even if you have sales transcripts showing the opposite - people are quick to judge when they do a quick glance at your LinkedIn).

TL:DR - It's not shooting yourself in the foot if you plan on staying at the new company for longer than 2 years
It is possible, but a latteral move and then a jump to Ent AE seems the most logical to me. Outside hiring for Ent. AE is pretty rare in my opinion.
How did you transition from SMB to Enterprise AE roles?
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