So I’m a Freight Broker (Carrier side) am I in the right place looking at tech opportunities?

Hey everyone so I just found Bravado and have been interested in the tech sales industry for awhile. However I am currently a freight broker since I was at this company for a few months before I graduated college in December so it was a smooth transition into the new role. While I love my job the work life balance and the types of sales I do I feel like is not entirely for me.

I am not too familiar with all the tech sales lingo and was wondering if anyone else has made a transition from a similar role that I’m in now into a full tech role. Because currently my sales consist of making relationships with trucking carriers and selling them freight as well as some of our software.

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Explore Bravado academy, good place to start here to familiarize yourself with the tech world
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Based on my experience as a CSR: you want to look for SDR or BDR roles (Sales/Business Development Rep). That's the typical entry point for someone fresh out of college.

In interviews and on your resume, you want to highlight that you are making a lot of calls to do what it takes to cover freight and would bring that same energy to the xDR role.

Also mention how you look for new carriers to haul the freight (prospecting), understanding their needs so you know which freight to offer
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i would look at what software you use or your customers use and see if those companies are hiring sales ppl.

the tech world can be hard to get into, but if you can learn the lingo and have experience in a relevant industry it may help.

many ppl have to start as a Sales Development Representative, thats the easiest way into it, but its not a closing role and kind of a grind.
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Has anyone had experience with short-term consulting opportunities with expert network companies like AlphaSights / GLG on the side of full-time job? Seems like low lift / low time investment, and chance to make another $10k+ over the year