So, most people I know did not plan on becoming a sales person initially, it just happened. So, curious to know how my fellow warriors here ended up in sales anyway ? The more interesting stories the better..!!

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My original plan was to be a Navy Fighter Pilot (Top Gun was pretty raging when I was growing up) - but found out I couldn't pass the Navy physical cause of some hearing issues.   Then I had plans to be a Lawyer, but I wanted to be a prosecutor who caught the bad guys -- until someone clued me in on the 12 years of school and mountain of debt I'd graduate with and the abysmal pay of lawyers in this vein.   In college, I majored in advertising and marketing - with visions of being in a big creative agency think take writing ads for the big brands.   Amazing how fast post college debt catches up to you, and your taking an entry level sales job.  The rest pretty much writes itself. 
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I want to start my own business and thought this was a good skill to have for that and would give me capital to do so as well
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I never wanted to be in sales, even said it out loud to my sorority.  That was mistake 1.

I wanted to be in PR or a news anchor. Then I decided journalism sucked and I needed to be challenged so I double majored in Marketing and Management. I worked full time and attended school full time. Hustled hard. This is clue 1 where my path was headed.

I graduated, quit my job as an AE for a Wireless company, and went to the dark side of drugs. The fancy fitted suits and shiny new cars called my soul.

This is what I was meant to do, even though I said hell no. The universe said the fuck you are! 🦊
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Degrees in Theology and Religious Education; started my career as a Youth Minister (selling’ God to teens 😉). Got married and started having kids and realized the salary of a YM wasn’t gonna cut it. $32k/year. 😱

Moved into my in-law’s basement to pay off student loans and save up a down payment for a house. 

Then I decided to pursue firefighting, got my EMT cert and started working at a paramedic company making $9.50/hr while training for fire academic and physical tests. Tested a bunch but this was 2010, post recession when all the government entities were impacted the most; so fire department weren’t hiring at all. Realized I needed to pivot...again. 

At the time was a big Apple fanboy and happened upon a job posting on their corporate website, not the retail stores. It was for a pilot, at-home sales program they were starting. Sounded really fun and was better money so went for it. 4 years later I transitioned into cyber security as an SDR and never looked back. 

It’s been a wild ride, but I couldn’t be more grateful and humbled by the opportunity that being in sales has afforded me. 
I think no matter where you end up, you will always be selling. Nobody planned probably to become a Direct Sales Rep but one way or the other they either end up selling the product or themselves
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I specifically chose sales because I wanted a career with high earning potential and didn't want to have to go back to school. I'm also very introverted and have terminal-illness-level social anxiety, so I figured learning sales skills and building confidence could help my social life too (and it totes did).
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My old man isn't particularly bright and carried a bag for a benefits company. His best friends were CFO clients who drove sick cars, lived in big houses and my pops kept up with them financially. Mom had a much bigger brain (which I inherited) so I was always curious how a conceited genius would do in sales and it worked out pretty well so far. Famous rapper involved too much work so sales was always plan B.

Hello all, new to the group and very happy to be here. To those who have been using the platform... what is your best advice on how to beat use the war room to start networking, contributing, and getting the most out of it. Think back to what you wish someone told you when you first joined. TY!


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