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Staying sane working remote

Obviously most of us has been remote for the past year with plans to be back in office in coming months. For some sellers, remote life is normal.

I recently moved into a fully remote field gig (and am relocating for it) - anyone have advice on how to stay sane with no office or co-worker near by?

Breaking up my day and separating personal/work life is key but I’m wondering what others do to avoid over working from wake up to sleep.

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Account Manager
I found it extremely helpful to stay in the same routine as going to the office.Β  Sure your "commute" is less, but wake up like it would be the same as if you're going to the office - having ample time to wake up is hugely important; at least for me.

A quick workout/run/walk, shower, dressing up exactly like I would at work, having a quick breakfast, and of course the caffeine.

Make sure you have time on your calendar that is blocked out each day, even if its 30 min - go for a walk,Β  get some fresh air, read a book, or essentially do something that isn't on a screen.

That and having a checklist of things I want to complete that day, all the way from prospects I want to call, projects I want to follow up on, etc.

Good luck!
Client Director
Adding a workout at a set time everyday helps me really break up the day.Β  The same goes with avoiding working through lunch and actually sitting down away from your workstation to eat.
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Business Development Representative
Routine is something that really helps a lot. Morning workouts and getting repetitive tasks done early in the morning if they are a priority .Β  Plus I use a large vision board behind my screen to visualise visualise futureΒ 
WR Officer
Senior Account Executive
Routine. Scheduled breaks daily where you are screen less. THIS INCLUDES YOUR PHONE.
Director of Sales
As others have said, routine is king and making sure that you have structure to your day.

IF you have a room that you can work in and leave your work stuff in there and close the door at the end of the day and forget about it, that can be great.Β 

You need to mold your personal lif around work if it's a long term thing and keep boundaries strict
Account Development Executive
If you have an Apple Watch, I love the reminder to stand up every hour. I find the little things like this keep me sane because it reminds me to take a micro break, stretch, and just get up.

Another great way to stay sane and keep somewhat of an office vibe is to set-up call blocks where you can be on video with your colleagues and take turns dialling away.
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