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Stole this from a LinkedIn post but it's actually good advice. For all of us going through interviews.

The questions you must ask now a days when interviewing for a sales role:

- What's the average quota attainment across the team?

- What's the current earnings of the median rep (50th percentile)?

- How many reps have you promoted internally in the last year?

- How many reps did you let go in the last year?

- What's the average tenure of reps at your company?

- What's the ideal customer profile? [Then go check their website and see if the marketing matches the answer at all or not]

- What's the average deal size, close rate, MQL to SQL conversion and ramp time?

- What's the compensation during ramp? [Should be a non-recoverable draw for at least the first 1-3 months, otherwise they're throwing you in the deep end without a life preserver]

- How often are team trainings? How often are call reviews done? [The answer should be weekly, otherwise they're not taking continuous training seriously]

- What formal training is given to #management? How are they judged beyond revenue performance? [This tells you if they just have dashboard managers or well trained people managers]

- What's the current gross churn rate of customers? [How many customers leave]

If the hiring manager doesn't know the answers to these questions, that tells you something right there.


Credit to Belal Batrawy. (Thanks for the reminder Q5)

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So, most people I know did not plan on becoming a sales person initially, it just happened. So, curious to know how my fellow warriors here ended up in sales anyway ? The more interesting stories the better..!!