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Support : What would your action plan be for "Closed Lost" to "Closed Won" conversion? (SaaS & Tech industry)

How would the engagement matrix be for this prospect

When would the 1st touch point post closed lost happen?

What needs to be done as an immediate measure?

Please drop your Strategy in comments

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I think this could be similar but not 100% so definitely waiting for other contributors here
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Thanks for the thread. πŸ‘πŸ™
Deal Story
ragnarlothbrok closed Anova for $40k to the Product Development, planning department departments
New business deal for 6k membrane keypads, the beauty of this deal is that we have already had a further 2 blanket orders since making this deal so annually its worth around 120k. Deal was made over a ...
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Deal Story
AllBiteNoBark closed Consumer Electronics Startup for $55k to the Operations department
I started in my AE role about 4 months ago, working in the SMB space. It was taking me longer than hoped to close that first deal and could tell management was starting to ask questions. I was able to ...
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Deal Story
1nbatopshotfan closed a deal for $256k to the IT, AI/ML Team departments
The was part renewal and part upsell. Dealt with their head of AI/ML who was a tough sale. He wanted products and features that don’t exist outside of movies and tv shows. We had to ground him in what ...
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