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Taking on additional responsibilities towards a management role, but still being held to quota + metrics.

Look, I get it. Getting promoted doesn't happen over night. You're slightly groomed into that role over the course of a few months. You will have to take on more responsibility and still hit your numbers. BUT when is enough enough?

I'm trending towards a Sales Enablement manager role, and for the past month have built out sales training and onboarding plans within Lessonly to get ready for the wave of new summer hires.

Since January I have trained and coached all new hires to get them up to speed, led topic and training discussions, hopped on calls to help, the whole 9 yards. I have been told within this QTR is the goal for me to to make that transition, but I am still getting the "you need to keep your metrics, it's tough to promote you when you're not making the dials." Mind you, I have been the #1 revenue generating rep since the turn of the year all while doing this...

I feel sort of jaded when I get told that I still need to pump my metric numbers up to get promoted... Doing 2 roles, bringing in the most revenue, and still making same comp plan wise when I started.

Am I wrong in feeling like I am getting squeezed for every ounce of lemonade I have to offer?

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That is bs in my opinion. I hate when a manager asks you to inflate your dials even though you are generating ARR what bs
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@Chepย yeah, I mean I know it's a thing we all need to do... but I am also doing 2 jobs, it's draining
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