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Hello WR Friends,

Our team is growing and we're in need of (another) Jr marketing and sales rep to join.

I've gone through two people in this position recently, both did not work out for various reasons, mostly quality of work and inability to scale with the role.

My issue is we seem to be having issues finding good applicants, even though we don't have many minimum requirements. Seems most people with marketing experience don't want to go into sales, and the Jr nature of the role is not geared towards an experienced salesperson. I'm aware that the starting salary is not much of a driver and am working with mgmt to incentivize the role, but I'm still worried we're not looking in the right places.

The ideal hire would be someone just out of school with a marketing background that can work on sales and marketing support while learning our industry and that I can slowly corrupt into sales once they get some commission under their belt.

I've hired some talent agencies but the applicants they send are either outright bad or just good at faking it until they get into the position. I also posted on Indeed and LI, sifting through that mess of applicants was hardly worth my time.

This is not a remote position, which I know also limits interest in these times. We're old school and I'm also working on changing that but it is an uphill battle.

Managers without an HR dept, where do you look for new hires? What resources do you use?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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