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Tell me about a good boss

We've all had some terrible bosses...

But, I'd like to hear about some good ones.

One of my favorites was in my first job in high school (at pizza hut.) My store leader was just this death metal-loving stoner who would go out back, smoke weed, and play guitar. He was super chill and somehow we were super profitable so it was a very carefree environment.

One day, I expressed my desire to learn how to play guitar and he just up and hands me his guitar he was playing and says, "take it bro." Love that dude...

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Deepak Chopra of Sales
The best boss I've had was the CEO of the last company I worked for prior to Bravado. He was a super honest, straight shooting Israel dude who knew his strengths, knew his weaknesses, and was mature enough to stay out of things that weren't his area of expertise.ย 

This created a culture where every leader felt empowered to run their own ship, minimizing last-minute jolts from leadership, and a transparent, accountable culture. Plus, he was a great friend and someone who was fun to hang with.ย 
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CMO (Chief Meme Officer)
I've loved working with Israelis. The only issue I ever had was not a lot of them had humor in the workplace. But man, talk about everyone was so great to get replies within a couple of minutes of your emails.
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Account Executive
Past manager would be my favorite. I remember hating him during the interview. It was a panel interview for the final round and I hoped I would be on any of the other manager's teams. He was blunt, a bit crass, and a slob. Fast forward a few months and I find out that, apart from the surface level jokes and crass/bluntness, he had a heart of gold.ย 
Invited me to Thanksgiving/Christmas celebrations (I was new to AZ) included me in on important meetings, helped me professionally, pushed for me to be fast tracked to AE (Didn't happen, thanks COVID), and even hung out outside of work alongside the team. Ultimately, when our division was about to be absorbed, he gave me a heads up to jump ship and referred me to his network and was a reference throughout that process. Love the guy.
WR Officer
Current boss - he's a pretty great dude. We don't see eye to eye on everything, but he's laid back, respectful, and genuinely wants to see our team grow and win. Always willing to help out, can talk openly and honestly with him about work related stuff (and some of our team mates go to him for personal advice lol,) and he's fun to work with. Always trying to find ways to build people up and celebrate the wins.ย 
How to tell micro managing boss to give you some space/trust?
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