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Landed a huge deal with a governmental institution. A long term and very well funded deal that took months to even get him on the phone. Got his attention when I saw him post on LI about completing a MA degree and personally called to congratulate him. One laugh to the next we started the sales cycle and signed ๐Ÿฅƒ

(I got him on the phone via his EA, when gatekeeping I said I would like to congratulate Mr. So and so on his recent degree completion). That call was not sent to VM โœŒ๐Ÿฝ
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Director Sales and Market Development
Tough as i have done it in different avenues in different roles at different companies.ย  There have been some in inbound, handed from my sdr, now i run customer sales and CSM found the lead, or outbound by myself.ย 

Outbound was a company i was interested in and made sure i got them on as a customer. I was aggressive and called everyday (different people) to get on their radar and did a couple stop ins and finally closed them after a year of effort (3 months prospecting, 9 month cycle)
Account Executive
Reached out to the boss of who I wanted to talk to, made it sound like they have an upcoming agreement that we need to talk about, got him to give me the green light to talk to the actual DM- it was cake from there. No one says no to a meeting your boss tells you to take! Obviously it's not always that easy, but this was my favorite sneaky win. Another was when I LI stalked a prospect, found a mutual connection who happened to be a client from a previous job, messaged previous client and asked if he would mind facilitating an intro and maybe telling prospect about his experience with me "I'll even write a sample message and you can take it or leave it, and make any edits you want"ย 

Worked. We got pretty far on that deal, until they brought in a network engineer who had a history with my boss and the deal died on the table that day. /sigh
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Demo done (SaaS) - what would be the best ways to have a follow up and how many touchpoints?


How many times will you call a prospect after they don't answer the first time? At what frequency? I typically don't make a lot of repeat calls, just call with volume consistently and try to catch folks at the right time...

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How many prospecting calls do you actually make in a day? Let's be honest now...